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How to Control Your Extreme Dandruff Naturally?

Extreme dandruff remediesMost of the people are suffered from heavy dandruff. Not only women are suffering from this dandruff problem, but also men can severely affect from this dandruff. Is this dandruff good for your skin? Definitely not, dandruff is completely bad for your skin. It does not affect your skin seriously, but it may lead to temporary hair fall. Due to overheating of your body, it may lead to heavy dandruff.

Are you suffered from extreme dandruff? Do you want to control it? If yes, then read this article thoroughly. Through this article, you can get a better solution to cure your dandruff in naturally. There are lots of natural treatments are available to cure dandruff. Some of the best treatments are discussed below,

  1. Coconut and lemon massage:

Normally, coconut oil helps to nourish your hair. It prevents your hair from the heavy hair fall and also it keeps the moisture content in your body. Lemon contains the citric acid. This acid kills the bacteria and fungus in your body. This is the best treatment to cure your dandruff without using any harmful chemicals.

At first, heat 3 tablespoons of coconut oil and add few drops of lemon juice with this coconut oil. Make sure that these two ingredients should be in an equal amount. Massage this mixture into your scalp and leave it freely for about 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair properly using the shampoo. Keep doing this massage twice in a week. Definitely, you will get dandruff-free hair.

  1. Fenugreek massage:

Fenugreek massage for extreme DandruffFenugreek seeds are the best home remedy to eliminate heavy dandruff why because dandruff may cause due to the dryness of your body. This fenugreek seed helps to keep the moisture content in your body, so it’s the best solution to cure your extreme dandruff.

Soak an enough amount of fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it into a paste. Massage this paste over 15 minutes into your hair thoroughly. After then, wash this paste using lukewarm water. You should use a mild shampoo to clean your hair for a quick result.

  1. Henna massage:

Take a little amount of henna and add one tablespoon of curd with few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your hair. You should leave this mixture for about 2 hours completely because henna will slowly penetrate into your scalp, so it takes more time to act. After that, wash your hair using the shampoo. You don’t need to use any conditioner why because this fenugreek acts as one of the best conditioners on your hair.

Generally, henna is the best treatment for your hair. Not only it clears dandruff, but also it softens your hair so due to this massage treatment you will get two more advantages simultaneously.

  1. Orange peels massage pack:

Normally, orange peels help to prevent your hair from hair fall and heavy dandruff. Take some amount of orange peels and grind it well using the mixer. Add few drops of lemon juice into this fine paste and mix it thoroughly.

Gently, apply this paste on affected areas and leave it about 30 minutes freely. Wash it using hot water. It takes 2-3 weeks for a better result so you must use this massage pack twice in a week. After 2-3 weeks, surely you will get permanent relief from dandruff.


The above four solutions will help to prevent your hair from dandruff. You will get long, smooth and shiny hair with the help of these natural ingredients. Try to use these home remedies for the better results.

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