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2 Simple Home Remedies for Face Dandruff

Commonly, face dandruff is scientifically called as seborrheic dermatitis. It is generally caused due to the overgrowth of yeast. If you are suffered from the dry skin, it may lead to face dandruff. Normally, this face dandruff occurs inside the nose, on the eyebrows, forehead and also inside the ear.

Controlling the face dandruff is very difficult thing. It may lead to severe damage to your skin, so you will suffer from a lot of skin diseases. You must take proper care about your skin dandruff. Otherwise, it leads to the itchy and flaky skin. This article helps to get the proper solution to cure your face dandruff.

Few tips to control your face dandruff:

I’m damn sure the below tips are helpful to control your face dandruff naturally:

  1. You should take gentle care of your skin because your skin is Face Dandruff remediesmore sensitive than other parts so try to use mild soap on your face. Harsh soaps make skin irritation and use natural face wash to remove dirt.
  2. Use enough amount of moisturizer. Better you should avoid it completely. If it may exceed the normal level, the result leads to heavy dandruff. You should drink a lot of water daily. The water helps to keep the moisture content in your body naturally so hereafter you don’t need to use moisturizers.
  3. Try to use cleansers to control the face dandruff. Cleansers will act effectively on your skin which controls the growth of the yeast level. This is one of the most preferred treatments for face dandruff.

Best home remedy for face dandruff:

There are so many medicines are available in the marketplace to cure your face dandruff, but the natural home remedies are the best solution to cure the face dandruff and also it will not offer you any skin damage.

  1. Neem and curd paste for face dandruff:

Face dandruff treatmentTake one full cup of curd and add Neem powder, fenugreek and pinch of turmeric powder with it to make it into a
paste. After that, apply this paste on your face thoroughly. Leave it freely for about 10-15 minutes to act.

Finally, wash your face with lukewarm water. You should follow this method twice in a week. Definitely, you will get good result within one month.

Normally, Neem and turmeric have the ability to reduce the yeast growth on your skin, and then curd helps to get the smooth and soft skin. Those who are suffered from the hair dandruff can able to use this treatment on hair also. This is one of the main benefits of this dandruff care treatment.

  1. Hot oil treatment:

This hot oil treatment is one of the best ways to cure your dandruff naturally. When compared to the other home treatment, it acts as quickly on your face, and it eliminates the face dandruff completely.

Take one tablespoon of coconut oil, olive oil and mix it with the turmeric powder and finally add Neem paste to it. Gently apply this paste on dandruff affected areas. The paste deeply penetrates into your skin, and it controls the growth of bacteria and fungus on your face. Commonly, the Neem and then turmeric contains the antibacterial properties which help to prevent your skin from the dryness. For better result, you can use this treatment at night time.


The above two home remedies gently work on your face. It is cent percent natural, so you will not fear about the side effects. The ingredients of these home remedies not only help to prevent your skin from face dandruff, but also help to get smooth and glowing skin naturally.

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